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Need to know more about auto-renewals?

You've borrowed books from the library, but what happens next? Find out about auto-renewals

Finding books

When looking for books on the shelf, make a note of the entire class number from Library Search, including any letters at the end of the number sequence. Look for the aisle with the corresponding number. For example, an item with the class number of 153.44ALT, will be in the aisle marked 150-155. The shelves begin at 000 and work up numerically through the library floors.

The Locate button in Library Search shows which floor and shelf the item is on.

You want it, We get it

Can’t find the item you need for your studies? Tell us and we’ll try to get it for you.

We will either purchase the item as library stock or borrow it from another library.

Find out more about the You want it, We get it service.