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Assessment, revision and exams


Turnitin is used at Salford as a tool for e-submission and matching text electronically to assist you in checking for plagiarism. These pages contain all the information you need to know about submitting your work online. Show me

Accessing past exam papers

From this webpage you can search for past exam papers from the last 5 years. These papers are a great way to prepare for an exam and to give you a feel for what might be expected. Show me

Tips for Exam Success

Set a revision timetable.
Work out how many topics you need to cover and the number of days you have until the exams. Make a plan of what you’re going to revise each day.

Check what you’re allowed to take into the exam.
Pens, calculator, small dinosaur? Who knows? Ask your tutor so that you’re not stressing in the exam.

Seek help.
Check out our Study Basics Guides on this page for advice on revision and exams

During the exam – read the instructions and questions carefully.
Check how many questions from each section you need to answer and allocate enough time for planning, writing and reviewing each one.

If your mind goes blank...
Write down any thoughts or words that might be relevant as this may spark off ideas that can then help you to answer the question.

Guides and resources

  • Revision
    Understand how to prepare and produce a well written discussion or argument on a given topic.

  • Approaching Exams
    Understand how to prepare and produce a well written discussion or argument on a given topic.

Apps and Online Tools

If you like your technology then you might find these apps and online tools helpful.


With ThingLink you can make your images come alive with video, text, images, links and music. Such a great tool for revision if you are a visual learner. Pick an image that you associate with the topic and then add text, links, videos to it that cover the key information. When you need to recall the topic you can mentally work your way around the image and visualise the information you added to it. You can download the app or access it online. Simply go to the ThingLink website to get started.


You use Padlet to post text, video, images or links onto a virtual wall. Your Padlets can be visible just to you or you can let others read and contribute to them. You can use it online or download an App. This could be a really useful tool for revision as you can summarise topics and use the Padlet app to access your summaries whilst you are on the bus! Go to the Padlet website to get started.


According to the website you will be able to 'memorize like a pro when you’ve got flashcards in your pocket'. This app is handy for revision as you can create flashcards for key topics or theories and use these to test your recall of the topic. If you are studying a subject that requires you to memorize images then you can easily add them to the flashcard. This is a great app if you like to learn in this way. Find out more about it on the Flashcard+ website.

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