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The University’s strategic investment in high quality, high profile research facilities over the past decade fosters innovation and creativity and reflects Salford's focus on real world, people-centred research.

Science and Engineering Research Facilities

SASSalford Analytical Services (SAS) is a specialised University commercial venture bringing together research, enterprise and state-of-the-art facilities. Run by senior technical consultant managers with over 45 years industrial experience between them, SAS has an excellent comprehensive collection of key analytical instruments. Our core  analytical  techniques include Microscopy, Spectroscopy, and X-Ray Diffraction.

As well as providing an invaluable service to researchers in the University, SAS works with many major blue chip organisations, providing expert consultancy support for problem-solving and routine analytical requirements.

Additional research facilities within the School of Computing, Science and Engineering, administered by the School's STAR Commercial Enterprise Unit include Cestode Diagnostics, Engineering & Design Consultancy, Salford Glycomics, Heavy Structures Testing,     Rapid Prototyping     , Thermal Lab and Wind Tunnels.

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Energy House

Energy Salford website…

Energy HouseSalford Energy House is an “old-build” traditional Salford  style  house (c.1920s) that has been constructed from reclaimed materials to represent 20% of the UK’s current building stock.

The house has been constructed within an environmentally controllable laboratory in which levels of heat, light, humidity and even wind can be independently adjusted and managed; enabling the development and testing of new low-carbon materials, technologies and products.

For further details please contact Steve Waterworth, Energy Hub Manager, at or on 0161 295 6347.

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THINKlab – Space to Think

THINKlab website...

ThinkLabTHINKlab is a futuristic and spacious research environment with state-of-the-art  facilities.  Colour, light, sound and technology combine to provide an atmospheric, stylish space that stimulates debate, collaboration and innovation and facilitates research related to Information and Communication Technologies, providing answers to challenges faced by industry, commerce and the community.

THINKlab is committed to conducting interdisciplinary research to address complex social, economic and environmental challenges. Research at the Thinklab aims to develop innovative digital solutions to the challenges faced by industry and the community.

For further details please email or on 0161 295 6579.

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Acoustics Facilities

Acoustics website…

Acoustics LabSalford has world class acoustic facilities which include an anechoic  chamber,  semi-anechoic chambers, transmission suite, reverberation chamber, silencer test rig, listening rooms, recording studios, music technology and video suites. 

For further details, please contact Professor Yui Wai Lam, or on 0161 295 5684.

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The Digital Media Performance Lab

This high-end performance space opened in October 2011 at the University’s new campus at MediaCityUK in Salford Quays.

The technical facilities of the DMPL combine the technology of a TV studio, the excitement and entertainment of live theatre with the visual experience of cinema. Its technical infrastructure is that of a black box  theatre,  hard wired over a grid at floor and ceiling grid levels controlled from a fully equipped flexible control room with verbal connection via a digital intercom system.

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Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research Gait Lab

Centre for Rehabilitation and Human Performance Research Gait Lab web site…

This suite of equipment is designed to collect objective data on human kinetics and kinematics, muscular activity and other physiological measures. It features the latest motion tracking and analysis software, and is currently being enhanced by infrastructure funding. It is at the forefront  of  multidisciplinary clinical research at Salford.

Centre for Rehabilitation & Human Performance Research Gait Lab

For further details, please contact Rich Jones, Gait Lab Director, at or on 0161 295 2295.

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The Centre for Virtual Environments and Future Media

Centre for Virtual Environments and Future Media website…

Centre for Virtual Environments and Future MediaThis is the UK's leading centre researching  telepresence  and has an unprecedented critical mass of systems and hardware to support its research goals, including ‘the Octave’, a reconfigurable octagonal projection system that can be broken down and recompiled into many types of industrially familiar systems to assess best fit for emerging  applications.

For further details, please contact John O'Hare at or on 0161 295 3237.

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Nursing Simulation Suites

The School of Health and Society is home to state-of-the-art facilities which enable students to practice new skills in a safe environment under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

The simulation suite for the School of Health and Society is situated in the Mary Seacole Building and boasts an array of state-of-the-art facilities.

If you are interested in hiring these facilities, then please contact Elaine Greenhalgh (School Operations Manager) via email or call +44 (0)161 295 3181.


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