Petroleum and Gas Engineering


The Petroleum and Gas Engineering Division of the School of Computing, Science & Engineering offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering the various fields of Petroleum and Gas Engineering, such as:

  • Geology
  • Exploration
  • Drilling production
  • Reservoir management
  • Petroleum economics and management
  • Gas processing
  • LNG
  • Gas transmission
  • Distribution
  • The industrial and commercial utilisation of oil and gas.


Petroleum and Gas Student at the School of Computing, Science & Engineering at the University of Salford

Researchers in the Petroleum and Gas Engineering Division form the:

  • Spray Research Group (SRG) and
  • Petroleum Technology Research Group (PTRG)

Research projects cover both experimental and theoretical simulation in a wide range of fields connected with oil, gas and spray technology, including:

  • Novel aerosol valve using compressed gas (with interlocking patents)
  • Explosion mitigation using spray technology
  • The production of carbon nanotubes from flared gas
  • The use of high pressure overlapping sprays for desclaing oil and gas production tubing
  • Wastewater treatment of Gas to Liquid plants
  • Pressure drop through pipe networks
  • Non destructive testing of gas pipework
  • Low NOx burner technology
  • Reservoir engineering and modelling
  • Drilling technologies
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Production optimisation
  • Gas network and transportation  


The Spray Research Group  and the Petroleum Technology Research Group also carry out short and medium term consultancy and development projects to address specific challenges faced by industry. Long term (typically 2-3 years) programmes may be arranged, supported by government or industrially funded research contracts. Both groups also deliver a range of short and bespoke courses for the oil and gas industry and spray related technologies.