Julian M. Bass

Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering

Office Times

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Dr Bass is researching software development for large-scale systems focusing on multi-national teams and using modern lean and agile methods. He also has interests in deployment architectures used in cloud-hosted software services and leading KTP with Add Latent Ltd to develop and deploy cloud-hosted asset management applications for their major clients in the energy and utility sectors. Julian has published over 50 research articles and papers and attracted around £1M in research and technology transfer funding.

He was formerly Higher Education IT Advisor to the Higher Education Strategy Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and worldwide technical Training Manager for Chordiant Software, a Silicon Valley-based enterprise CRM vendor.

He is a senior editor of the Electronic Journal for Information Systems in Developing Countries. Dr Bass is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Senior Member of the IEEE. He is Manchester branch chair for the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.


Undergraduate Computer Science and Software Engineering: lean and agile software development methods (Software Projects with Agile Techniques), advanced software engineering (Software Quality Management).

Masters Software Engineering (Agile Software Project Management)

Research Interests

Current research interests include

•       Lean and Agile Software Development Processes

•       Cloud Hosted Software Deployment

•       ICT for International Development

•       Large-scale Enterprise Software Systems

•       Software Engineering Education


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