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Social impact


We have always done the unexpected. Our forward-thinking approach has powered progress for nearly 125 years. Today, our unstoppable institution is bolstered by countless industry initiatives and innovative research programmes, building a thriving education community in Salford, and beyond.

We are a university with global reach, but with a history that is firmly embedded in the industrial past of Greater Manchester. As we have grown as an institution, so too has our impact and we have produced this report to demonstrate the ways in which we transform lives through education and research.

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Economic value

Collaboration with partners, whether in industry or in our city and city region, is in our DNA. We work with partners in Salford and Greater Manchester to address major challenges such as poverty, homelessness, low carbon and health innovation.

Our success stories are your success stories...

Uncover our Social and Economic Impact report now

You can find out our impact on your local authority or your parliamentary constituency by downloading the individual fact packs for each area here

The economic data in this report comes from an assessment undertaken by Viewforth Consulting on behalf of the University of Salford during summer 2018, based on the financial year 2016/17, which was the most recently available data.

Other statistics referenced have been taken from a range of sources, including HESA, DHLE, UCAS and NSS.

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