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Salford Alternative Entry Scheme - Unleash your potential

Salford Alternative Entry Scheme - Unleash your potential

At the University of Salford we believe that everyone has the right to a good education.

We are committed to providing opportunities for all those with the potential to succeed in higher education.

If you have been out of education for a while, want to further your career or simply want to study in a field that you’re passionate about, then the Salford Alternative Entry Scheme (SAES) could be for you.

The SAES is a bespoke option for those who are interested in studying an undergraduate degree but may not meet the specific requirements to do so. Perhaps you’re a mature student who has been out of education, or maybe you’re a recent A-Level student who failed to get their expected grades due to mitigating circumstances.

How can I apply?

  • Submit your course application as you would normally through UCAS.
  • We will then recommend you to SAES if you’re eligible (you’ll be notified of this recommendation via UCAS or by our admissions team getting in touch with you).

Entry Routes

Successful applicants will be contacted through SAES about an assessment. There are two different entry routes depending on your course. If the course you’re studying is related to one of the following; Business and Law, Health Sciences, Environment & Life Sciences or Arts & Media, you will be assessed through:

Accreditation for Prior Learning (APL)

APL considers students who might not meet the traditional criteria to study but who demonstrate the ability or have prior experience relevant to their course. The assessment may consider a portfolio of your work, previous coursework/examinations or employer references.

If the course you’re studying is related to one of the following; Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences, Computing, Science & Engineering (some courses in CSE require a preliminary maths test), or the Built Environment, you will be assessed through a:


A combination of two modules from a possible three:

  1. Written English: One hour
  2. Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences: One hour.
  3. Reasoning in Sciences, Maths and Social Sciences: One hour.

Support throughout the process

We appreciate that it may have been a while since you last undertook an assessment, and we recognise that the transition to university life can appear daunting; we will offer support and guidance throughout the process, and the opportunity to come onto campus, explore our facilities and meet with current students to get a feel for student living.

We want to ensure that you have a successful start to life at Salford.