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PhD Student - Law - Chrissie Patman

PhD Student - Law - Chrissie Patman

Chrissy Patman - PhD Student - Law

  • LLB (Hons) European Business Law with German, Coventry University
  • LLM Health and Safety and Environmental Law, University of Salford
  • PhD, Salford Law School, College of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Salford

Chrissy is a Qualified Health and Safety Solicitor whose doctorate examines the history of corporate manslaughter from the 17th century to the present day.

Chrissy’s Story: a Passion for Researching Law

“The quality of the teaching staff and the level of support available is exceptional. I have a passion for researching law and what amazes me is the encouragement of not only the academic staff but also the support staff in the Law School.

“The University also has a team of support staff dedicated to Post Graduate Researchers who offer lectures and teaching programmes on all aspects of research.

“You are definitely not alone during this research journey; Salford is an inspiring place with a wealth of opportunities to support and expand your research.

“It makes a refreshing change!

Salford Law School – an Obvious Place to Study

“Salford Law School’s original speciality was Health and Safety Law; considering my area of expertise and my future research interests, this made it an obvious place to study for my doctorate.

Corporate Manslaughter

“Companies have been in existence since Elizabethan times and have always been responsible for the deaths of members of the public and employees.

“My research will examine and track how the English Legal System has dealt with the concept of corporate manslaughter from the 1600s to present day. These trends will be established and researched in detail in order to establish that the English Legal System has been a victim of missed opportunities that prevented true and effective reform.”