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Creative studio spaces

Creative studio spaces

Our creative studio spaces include two industry standard HD TV studios including a green screen and three radio studios capable of facilitating any productions and broadcasts.

The studio spaces could be a great addition to your event – film interviews with your guests or even broadcast your event live as it happens.

As part of our ongoing vision to produce highly employable graduates, by making use of these studios you will have access to our undergraduate and postgraduate students (fully supervised by University of Salford staff and technicians) who will be there to support your project. This could be from simple work shadowing to filming, direction and producing.

There are two fully functioning state of art TV studios, possibly the highest specification education studios in Europe.

These are equivalent to those used by industry including BBC, ITV and Sky. Features include:

  • Full 1080 HD cameras and video systems with 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • Fully virtual 3D sets and Green Screen systems
  • Selection of world class audio and visual systems as used by the BBC, Sky and ITV
  • Sound treated studios

We also have three state-of-the-art radio studios that can actually create broadcast material with equipment as used by the BBC. They are capable of being linked to every other audio room in the building, which could facilitate outside sources such as live bands performing within the TV studios.

Contact us for further information and for a tour of the studios>>

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