Robotics and Systems Engineering

Robotics and Systems Engineering is becoming an ever more important part of the manufacturing sector allowing new products to be developed and produced cost effectively. As a result, there is an increasing need for robotics graduates with a knowledge of this technology. Robots are no longer just limited to industrial applications, however, but are increasingly being used in healthcare, entertainment and domestic applications. As a result this high tech engineering sector is developing rapidly and moving in new and exciting directions.

The University of Salford has a long history of working within the robotics field having been chosen as the site for the United Kingdom’s National Advanced Robotics Research Centre in 1987. Since then robotics has remained an significant part of both research and teaching within the University. 

Robotics is a multidisciplinary subject

Robotics Student at CSERobotics is a multidisciplinary subject covering many engineering disciplines; our programmes study areas including automation, mobile robotics cognition/AI and many more.

Students peform practical work within dedicated laboratories which contain a number of industrial systems and mobile platforms.

Student projects are usually undertaken in one of the department's active research areas and can include both state of the art technology or current industrial projects. The programmes prepare graduates for further academic study or to enter industry.