University of Salford Manchester

Vice-Chancellor's Executive Team


There are three principal elements to the governance of the University: the Council, the Vice Chancellor (as chief executive/chief academic officer) and the Senate.

Subject to the authority of the Council, all executive powers are derived from the Vice Chancellor and all academic committees’ powers are derived from the Senate. None may act outside the powers vested in them through the Charter, Statutes and Ordinances of the University.

The Executive Team purpose is to provide advice to the Vice Chancellor in their capacity as Chief Executive. The powers of the Executive Team are derived from the executive powers of the Vice Chancellor and are therefore separate from the authority of the Senate.

The Senate however, will be formally consulted about decisions relating to academic activities and itself has delegated authority, advising the Vice Chancellor and the Council.

Formally, decisions at executive level are taken collectively and individually by the University Management Team, informed by advice and direction given by the Executive Team.

The Vice-Chancellor retains ultimate executive responsibility for proposing the Strategic Plan and budget to the Council and remains accountable for their implementation.

The Team

Prof Helen Marshall


Richard Stephenson

Prof Richard Stephenson

Deputy Vice-Chancellor                        

Gerry Kelleher

Prof Gerry Kelleher

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Enterprise                        

Dr Sam Grogan

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Student Experience                        

Vikki Goddard

Chief Operating Officer                        

Lesley Houfe

Interim Director of HR                        

Julie Charge

Director of Finance

The below senior staff attend VCET each week:

Professor Tony Warne

Associate Pro Vice Chancellor and ICZ Programme Director                    

Andrew Hartley

Director of Legal and Governance                

Jackie Njoroge                        

Director of Strategy            

Andrew Snowden

Strategic Advisor to the Vice Chancellor    

John McCarthy

Director of Marketing & Student Relations

Duties and responsibilities

1 To lead the development of the strategic and operational plans, the annualbudget and financial forecasts for the Vice--Chancellor to propose to Council for approval
2 To determine related implementation policies as necessary and monitor and be accountable for the University’s performance against its plans taking into account relevant indicators, benchmarks and targets
3 To determine and oversee the processes by which strategic and operational planning is undertaken, resources allocated and student numbers and recruitment targets set
4 To approve strategies and plans relating to the University’s infrastructure
5 To act as the project board for major cross--university projects
6 To ensure the adequate operation of the University’s systems of internal control, including the University’s risk management policy, register and action plans, and internal audit reports
7 To decide, as necessary, the action to be taken by the University in response to external opportunities and initiatives
8 To consider such other matters as the Vice-Chancellor may refer to the Executive Team