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Governance and Management      

Governance fundamentally improves transparency and accountability throughout the University. The Charter, Statutes and Ordinances set out the principal roles and responsibilities of governance and management, improving effectiveness of decision-making processes both within Council, the Executive and Senate.      

The scheme of delegation outlines Council responsibilities and importantly those responsibilities that can and are delegated and those that cannot be. Governance structures throughout the University ensure that legal compliance is maintained and that finances, risk and performance is effectively monitored.    

The Legal and Governance Directorate provides support for the development and operation of the scheme of corporate governance as well as related functions including servicing the Vice Chancellors Executive Board, the Council, the Council Committees, Subsidiarity Companies and information governance.    

The Legal and Governance Directorate also maintains the University's Register of Interests and Register of Gifts.

The Quality & Enhancement Office oversees the academic governance scheme which provides for Senate to concentrate on assuring and enhancing our academic quality and standards and the richness of the student experience.    

The Directorate is located on the sixth floor of Maxwell Building.    

Andrew Hartley - Director of Legal and Governance and University Secretary  

The University’s Charter approved by the Privy Council establishes Council as the University's supreme governing body and the Statutes stipulate the membership, functions and duties of Council.