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Policy solutions

Policy solutions

Innovative and relevant research to inform public policy

The Salford Institute for Public Policy (SIPP) has been launched at the University of Salford to promote policy-relevant research from across the campus and link researchers with the public sector. Read more about SIPP»

Academic innovation and expertise

We build on over 100 years of technical innovation to produce internationally recognised research that delivers outputs and impacts that are of international significance. We specialise in innovative and applied research that addresses the pressing important social and technological issues. Our recent developments at MediaCityUK are using digital technologies to find interactive new ways to engage with old problems. In the last RAE, the University of Salford was placed in the top third of UK universities for research power; with the large majority of our submissions judged ‘world-leading’, ‘internationally excellent’ or ‘internationally recognised’.

Real-world engagement

Our realistic solutions to public policy questions are grounded in our real-world approach to listening to experiences and identifying actual problems being faced every day. The University builds on the industrial traditions of Salford and Manchester to engage with the real issues affecting people in the 21st Century. The University of Salford is recognised as being at the forefront of community engagement in the UK and this helps inform the relevance of our research. We work with agencies and individuals to understand each other better and produce research that is both informed by, and matters to our communities. Our research then addresses these issues in an applied and realistic way.

Constructive policy partnerships

Our close working partnerships with policymakers, practitioners and the third sector ensures that our experts can produce constructive solutions that are meaningful and relevant. We have developed a reputation among our partners for being responsive to their needs in our research and dissemination. Our experts provide clear messages that can be used by policymakers. A hallmark of our research is that it does not just provide a critical academic eye, but focuses on constructive messages for stakeholders. We recognise that to impact positively on social issues, we need to provide forward-looking answers. We work closely with partners to ensure that our findings translate into useful recommendations that can inform their work and help transform lives.

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The Salford approach

Our combination of research expertise and engagement with real-world issues that matter produces clear and relevant policy solutions that address policy makers' concerns and help to transform lives.

Our approach in delivering relevant policy solutions is guided by the consistent application of the following principles:

  • Understand and respond to the needs of policy makers and communities in an applied and realistic way
  • Rigorously investigate public policy problems through excellent and innovative research
  • Engage with our communities to inform the relevance of our research to everyday lives
  • Provide stakeholders with clear and constructive messages
  • Work closely with our policy and practice partners to find forward looking solutions that transform and enhance lives

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