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Our vision

Our vision

The University of Salford is committed to excellent research with impact.

This is emphasised throughout the University’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan.

Salford University Peel building

Research and Enterprise is one of the four underpinning strategies of the University’s Strategic Plan. The aims of the University’s Research and Enterprise is to develop, support and promote excellence with impact. Salford has a rich heritage and international reputation for working closely with both industry and the public sector in enterprise and research.

Research at Salford brings a range of benefits to learning and teaching, informs our community engagement activities, and incorporates lively national and international partnerships. By building on our reputation and capitalising on our experience we will deliver a solution-driven culture that will increase both social and economic impact whilst enhancing the student and staff experience. Our research will be organised through a strategic number of Research Centres, aligned to Schools. The Research Centres were launched in April 2015.

In the context of current economic conditions and the move by Government towards more selectivity in research, it is essential that our income is diversified. Our Research and Enterprise Strategy will ensure that our income is maximised through commercialisation and close working relationships with industries, businesses and organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Our revised strategy will also establish the capacity, capabilities, disciplines and ways of working that will deliver outputs and impact that are of international significance, ensuring strong REF outcomes that build on our strengths.

Download Research and Knowledge Exchange strategy