Your first year studying Physics

You are on your way to studying Physics with Salford. Ready to learn more about what to expect?

We've gathered some essential info, including a look at your first year modules, some tips about making the most of your time studying with us, and a few stories from students who’ve been there and done it.


    Your First Year

    Our Physics degree will provide you with an advanced knowledge base to build a career in research, industry or teaching. You will learn in small groups through a combination of engaging tutorial and laboratory activities.

    Let's take a look at what you will cover during your first year.

    Physics student

    During year one, you will study six modules packed with essential theory and practice.

    Physics in Context - Focuses on the underlying skills required in science and engineering. You will learn the importance of units, dimensional analysis, problem solving, presentation skills and more. 

    Physics Laboratory 1 - Develop core laboratory skills including measurement, data analysis and electronics. You will use these skills to complete experiments designed to complement the core physics ideas you're learning in the other modules. 

    Modelling of Physical Systems - Explore the application of numerical modelling, focusing on areas such as mechanics, waves and thermal physics.

    Electricity, Magnetism and Light - Learn about the physical laws associated with electricity, magnetism and electromagnetic waves through a combination of lectures and interactive workshops.

    Mechanics, Relativity and Quantum Physics - Study the laws and applications of classical mechanics, adapting them to the principles of relativity and quantum physics. 

    Mathematics - Understanding and using mathematics is an essential skill for success in physics. In this module you will review mathematics with an emphasis on learning their applications to physics.

    Physics student

    Foundation Year Pathways

    If you are planning to study either our BSc Physics with Foundation Year, your first year with us will be a bit different. 

    Our foundation year pathways are carefully designed to prepare you for study at a higher level.  You will focus on modules that deliver essential scientific  knowledge and study skills. On successful completion of the foundation year, you will progress to the full BSc (Hons) degree.

    Foundation Physics A and B - Learn the fundamentals of basic physics and the development of numerical problem solving, focusing on topics such as mechanics, properties of matter and electricity. 

    Foundation Mathematics A and B - These modules will help you to develop your mathematical and modelling skills, including algebra, logarithms, calculus, problem solving in velocity and more. 

    Foundation IT and Study Skills - Develop your IT, research, team working, presentation and scientific reporting skills. 

    Foundation Physics Laboratory - Build your laboratory, critical analysis and scientific reporting skills in this module, through a series of experiments on mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and waves. 


    Get Involved

    Physics student

    University life is not just about study - it's about meeting new people too!

    Our students run a range of societies, from academia to sports, politics to the environment, performance to faith, where you can find like-minded students (or totally different!) and create a place to socialise, relax or even gain extra skills.

    We're biased but we're especially proud of our Physics Society. Read all about Georgia's experience studying physics at Salford and setting up this society.