Your first year studying mathematics

You are on your way to studying mathematics with Salford. Ready to learn more about what to expect?

We've gathered some essential info, including a look at your first year modules, some tips about making the most of your time studying with us, and a few stories from students who’ve been there and done it.


    Your First Year

    During your studies, you will follow a blend of theoretical and applied mathematics modules, from the core topics of algebra, probability and statistics to practical projects in cutting edge areas like climate change and renewable energy.

    Let's take a look at what you will cover during your first year.

    Mathematical Methods 1 - Build on your mathematical techniques and knowledge, covering the subject of differential equations with applications.

    Probability - Develop your knowledge of probability along with its applications.

    Analysis - In this module you will be introduced to the concept of proofs, giving you an understanding of their fundamental function in mathematical analysis. 

    Linear Algebra - Look at the methods and theory behind the solution of simultaneous equations, developing your skills in solving linear problems, using matrix methods and the concept of abstract vectors.

    Mathematical Modelling -  Study mathematical modelling and problem solving using a symbolic computing environment.

    Mechanics and Vector Calculus - Learn about the principles of classical mechanics and vector calculus, while developing your skills in solving numerical problems. 

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    Foundation Year Pathways

    If you are planning to study our BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Foundation year, your first year with us will be a bit different. 

    Our foundation year pathways are carefully designed to prepare you for study at a higher level. You will focus on six modules that deliver essential scientific knowledge and study skills. On successful completion of the foundation year, you will progress to the full BSc (Hons) degree.

    Foundation Mathematics A & B - Build you mathematical and modelling skills in areas including algebra, calculus, problem solving in velocity and acceleration and differentiation.

    Foundation Physics A & B - Develop your knowledge of key areas of physics and numerical problem solving, studying subjects including mechanics, properties of matter and wave propagation.

    Introduction to Probability and Statistics - Learn core mathematics fundamentals, equivalent to A-level, including probability and statistics.

    Foundation IT and Study Skills - Develop your IT, research, team working, presentation and scientific reporting skills in this module. 


    Get Involved

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    University life is not just about study - it's about meeting new people too!

    Our students run a range of societies, from academia to sports, politics to the environment, performance to faith, where you can find like-minded students (or totally different!) and create a place to socialise, relax or even gain extra skills.

    Find out all about Gada's experience studying mathematics at Salford and setting up our mathematics society.

    Study Stories

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    Salford is a great place to continue your maths journey - but don't just take our word for it!

    Read about Cameron's Salford study experience