Quality Mark for CPD QCPD

Our QCPD verifies the professional quality of your CPD activity and its true learning value. This University stamp of approval carries the weight of our rigorous processes and excellent reputation.

Benefits of having the QCPD

  • Conveys robustness and quality to attract and retain participants and staff 
  • Helps drive improvements in the quality of your CPD 
  • Gives more credence to non-academic CPD that helps people do their jobs more effectively and improves practice/services
  • Provides a digital badge that explains the rigour of the QCPD in your marketing
  • Enables delegates to share the digital badge on social media platforms to verify that they have done a course that has been validated by the University
  • Provides a value for money alternative to more in depth and complex academic credit awards
  • Enables the CPD to be advertised on the University’s website
  • Positions the CPD provider in a network of other successful providers, showing that you are committed to being amongst the best in your field
  • Can provide a first step towards further academic developments with the University if desired

What we look for

To meet our standards for Quality CPD you must be able to demonstrate that your CPD is developed and delivered by experts in their field, with contemporary content and an evidence-informed syllabus. We will be looking for your use of effective teaching and learning strategies, and your evaluation of the CPD in order to facilitate ongoing quality improvement.

Our evaluation focuses


Planning: includes the rationale for your CPD and the infrastructure underpinning it, such as policy, management, and marketing


Design: focuses on how you plan for the best quality effective and inclusive learning experience for your delegates


Delivery: relates to who delivers what, where, and how


Evaluation: looks at what and how you use information to facilitate quality improvements in your CPD

Application Process

  • Enquiries are made on the online form, and we will call you back to discuss and confirm your needs, provide more information, and agree appropriate next steps.
  • We carry out due diligence ahead of confirming arrangements and providing an Application Pack
  • We will also provide a CPD Toolkit with guidance for quality CPD planning, design, delivery, and evaluation.
  • An evaluation panel of experienced and qualified educators and subject experts will review your application
  • Your CPD is accredited if it meets the standards, or feedback is provided with guidance on improving the CPD for amendment or re-submission.
  • If accreditation is granted for more than 1 year, you will be required to produce annual report(s) confirming that the CPD is as it was at accreditation or identifying changes for further review.

The support we provide

  • Initial Needs Assessment: following your online enquiry we will contact you to discuss the QCPD and how it might meet your needs. We will consider, together, whether this product is right for you and feasible for us to deliver, particularly in relation to the subject area.
  • CPD Toolkit: When we progress to the evaluation stage, we will send you a CPD Toolkit along with the application form. The toolkit is designed to support you in developing a strong application and feedback from other customers has indicated that it has helped them to further improve the quality of their CPD. The toolkit is reviewed quarterly to ensure that it is still current and that any links are still working.
  • Feedback on your application: After we have evaluated your application, and where applicable, we provide feedback on aspects that require attention or could be improved upon. If your application has not been successful at first attempt, this feedback may help you prepare for a resubmission.
  • Guidance: In some cases, where the CPD has needed considerable improvement, customers have requested additional support and guidance, which can be arranged according to need.

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