Research, Development & Innovation

We can connect you to cutting-edge research, academic expertise, and pioneering technologies to support you to make better-informed decisions, drive innovation and get your products to market faster. 

From industry focussed research informed consultancy, to the provision of high-quality facilities, our expertise helps you achieve improvement in performance and productivity.

Robotics and Automation

The North of England Robotics Innovation Centre serves as a hub for small to medium sized enterprises looking to design test and validate innovation in this rapidly growing area. We can help you to gain a competitive edge in Robotics and Automation through the application of intelligent automation and robotics solutions into your day-to-day business activities. We will work with you across ideation, planning, and implementation with access to our purpose-built facility, specialist equipment and innovation support services.


Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence as we connect you to cutting edge AI research, innovative technologies, and academic expertise. The AI Foundry serves as a programme for small to medium sized industries looking to boost performance through the use of AI. We can help you to explore the business opportunities that Artificial Intelligence presents for your business.

Smart Living

Energy House Laboratories help businesses to understand how effective their products and services are in lowering a consumer’s carbon footprint and energy bills. As the government encourages the transition to a greener economy, we can help you explore ways to improve energy efficiency and carbon reduction within your business practices.


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