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Discover the innovative ways we collaborate with businesses in the Digital and Creative Sector through these compelling case studies.

BBC's Pioneering Research on Spatial Audio

The BBC’s Research and Development department won and EPSRC sponsored Industrial CASE Studentship to appoint a Post Graduate Researcher to work in collaboration with The University of Salford Acoustics Research Centre.

The student was brought on board to investigate and implement state-of-the-art testing methods to understand perceptual quality across listening area for several spatial audio rendering systems.


  • Development and validation of an optical motion tracked binaural system.​
  • Assessment of the effect of headphone transparency to external sources in the context of binaural validation tests.​
  • Measurement of a high-resolution, spatially-sampled binaural room impulse response​
  • Numerous other white papers and research outputs​

Product development with Hilly Clothing Ltd

Hilly Clothing LTD, one of the top three suppliers of technical performance socks sells its products via the specialist sports trade. They formed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the School of Art, Media and Design at the University of Salford with the aim of designing and developing a complete range of technical performance apparel.

As a result of the KTP the design department are now able to produce detailed, technical computerised garment specifications, both as a result of the library of CAD images that have been developed and also from new CAD images that they are able to produce.

This also lead to an increase in sales and market share​ with better quality products and more accurate design​.

Digitisation and digital preservation with Salford Lads Club

The Digital Curation Lab (DCL) was established in 2019 to provide a service to local businesses and cultural institutions in the digitisation and digital preservation of their physical and digital assets. The aim of this project was to digitise and preserve unique archive of photos, records, film reels and memorabilia, including 22,000 membership cards​ for the Salford Lads Club.

A pilot project was completed of 600 cards to digitise and preserve these assets​ and a base was created for archiving to make records more ​accessible. New information was added in the content of archives of local historical interest including the jobs people had.​

The DCL team work with companies looking to protect and future-proof their digital assets in a rapidly-changing technological environment, as well as with cultural institutions such as galleries and museums looking to digitise and preserve their physical artefacts and collections.