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Workshop Timetable and How to Attend

Dates, Times, and Venues for Wordscope

On this page you will find all of the information necessary to register for one of the Wordscope workshops running during Semester 2 of academic year 2018-2019.

You MUST NOT REGISTER for any Wordscope Workshop Group if you are unable to commit to ALL of the workshops. If, for example, you know that you will be going on placement during the semester, you should first contact Wordscope to discuss how you might work out a timetable to ensure that you are able to attend the full programme. It is often possible to work out a schedule which will work around your other commitments. For example, you might need to join Group One to ensure that you complete the first five workshops but then later join Group Seven so that you can complete the full programme.

There are either FIVE or TEN workshops in a Wordscope programme.

Please read the information for each Workshop group carefully to ensure that you choose the one which best suits your timetable. YOU MUST USE YOUR SALFORD EMAIL ADDRESS TO COMMUNICATE WITH WORDSCOPE. You cannot register without a valid University email address. YOU MUST CONTACT WORDSCOPE IF YOU REQUIRE FURTHER INFORMATION. NO OTHER ORGANISATION ON CAMPUS IS ABLE TO HELP YOU!

Please record ALL of the date, time, and venue information in your Diary. It is important to do so because the workshop venue may be different from week to week. Each workshop runs for 1.5 hours.

NOTE: WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR A WORKSHOP GROUP, YOU MUST NOT REGISTER WITH ANY OTHER GROUP. For example, if you register for Workshop Group One, then you have registered for ALL of its FIVE workshops. If you have registered for Group Three, then you have committed yourself to ALL of its TEN workshops. But if you were then to register for Workshop Group Eight, you would block another student from registering for the Wordscope programme, denying them the opportunity to improve their academic writing skills. Thus, if you register for more than ONE group, you will be removed from BOTH groups. IF YOU REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE GROUP, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND WORDSCOPE UNTIL THE FOLLOWING SEMESTER.

When you have found a group which suits your timetable, you simply press CLICK to REGISTER. You will then be taken to a registration page. PLEASE NOTE that when a group is FULL, the Booking System will not accept any further registrations, even if the CLICK to REGISTER button takes you to the registration page. We try to update the website as soon as a group is FULL, but it is not always possible to do so immediately. The Booking System includes the option to add yourself to the group’s “Waiting List,” which means that you will be contacted if anyone removes themself from the register.

When you register for a group, you are making a commitment to attend ALL of its workshops, though the Registration page will indicate that you have only signed up for one workshop. When you have completed Workshop One, the system will register you automatically for the next workshop.

If for some reason you find that you cannot attend your chosen Workshop group, please return immediately to the registration page and remove yourself from the Group. Workshop seats are in great demand, so if you remove yourself quickly, a student on the waiting list has an opportunity to join the group.

If you cannot for some reason attend a workshop, you are strongly encouraged to make the effort to catch up with your group. You should search the website for a group which has not as yet completed the workshop which you require. PLEASE NOTE that it does not matter if the group that you need is marked as FULL. You DO NOT need to register for the group through the booking system and DO NOT need to email Wordscope to confirm your choice: simply go along to the group on the day and tell the tutor why you need to attend that workshop. Your attendance will be recorded. If you miss a workshop, you MUST contact Wordscope as soon as possible to indicate that you wish to continue with the programme.

Note: the web page is updated whenever it is necessary to alter a workshop's details, so it is always best to check dates and times before you plan to make up a missed workshop.

If you cannot find a group below which fits with your timetable, new groups are occasionally added during the semester, and new groups will be organised for the next semester. Please contact Wordscope at if you would like to be put on the "to contact" list for new workshops.

If you register for a workshop group and miss Workshop One and DO NOT CONTACT WORDSCOPE IMMEDIATELY to explain your absence, you will be removed from the group because students on a Workshop's “Waiting List” must have the opportunity to join as quickly as possible. IF YOU MISS TWO WORKSHOPS IN A ROW AND DO NOT CONTACT WORDSCOPE, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP. Students who register for a group but never attend could be refused permission to join Wordscope in the future.

Any questions about Wordscope should be addressed to Do not telephone Wordscope, and please DO NOT contact Student Life or AskUS about any issues regarding Wordscope. These organisations have NO relation to Wordscope. The only place where you can receive help is Wordscope.

WorkshopGroup 1MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
114/01/201910:00-11:30Chapman Building seminar room 3
221/01/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 136
328/01/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 136
404/02/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 256
511/02/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 136
WorkshopGroup 2MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
118/02/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 136
225/02/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 136
304/03/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 260
411/03/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 136
518/03/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 136
WorkshopGroup 3MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
104/02/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L218
211/02/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L218
318/02/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L525
425/02/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L525
504/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L218
611/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L525
718/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L218
825/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L218
901/04/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L218
1029/04/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L218

WorkshopGroup 4MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
111/02/201915:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
218/02/201915:00-16:30Allerton Building room A217
325/02/201915:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
404/03/201915:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 259
511/03/201915:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
618/03/201915:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
725/03/201915:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
801/04/201915:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
929/04/201915:00-16:30Allerton Building room A217
1013/05/201915:00-16:30Allerton Building room A217

WorkshopGroup 5MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
111/02/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
218/02/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
325/02/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
404/03/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
511/03/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
618/03/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
725/03/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
801/04/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
929/04/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
1013/05/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room

WorkshopGroup 6MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
111/02/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
218/02/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
325/02/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
404/03/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
511/03/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
618/03/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
725/03/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
801/04/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
929/04/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822
1013/05/201918:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 822

WorkshopGroup 7TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
129/01/201910:00-11:30Gilbert Building room 2
205/02/201910:00-11:30Gilbert Building room 2
312/02/201910:00-11:30Gilbert Building room 2
419/02/201910:00-11:30Gilbert Building room 2
526/02/201910:00-11:30Gilbert Building room 2
605/03/201910:00-11:30Gilbert Building room 2
726/03/201910:00-11:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
802/04/201910:00-11:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
930/04/201910:00-11:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
1007/05/201910:00-11:30Peel Building room 116

WorkshopGroup 8TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
112/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
219/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
326/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
405/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
512/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
626/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
702/04/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
830/04/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
907/05/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116
1014/05/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 116

WorkshopGroup 9TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
129/01/201914:00-15:30Peel Building room LG05
205/02/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
312/02/201914:00-15:30Peel Building room 108
419/02/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
526/02/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
605/03/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
712/03/201914:00-15:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
802/04/201914:00-15:30Peel Building room 108
930/04/201914:00-15:30Peel Building room 116
1007/05/201914:00-15:30Peel Building room 116

WorkshopGroup 10WednesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
106/02/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
213/02/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
320/02/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
427/02/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
506/03/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
613/03/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
720/03/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
827/03/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
903/04/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907
1001/05/201909:00-10:30Maxwell Building room 907

WorkshopGroup 11WednesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
106/02/201911:00-12:30Peel Building room 331
213/02/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823
320/02/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823
427/02/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823
506/03/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823
613/03/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823
727/03/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823
803/04/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823
901/05/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 819
1008/05/201911:00-12:30Maxwell Building room 823

WorkshopGroup 12ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
117/01/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 823
224/01/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 823
331/01/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 321
407/02/201910:00-11:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
514/02/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 714b
WorkshopGroup 13ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
128/02/201910:00-11:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
207/03/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 714b
314/03/201910:00-11:30New Adelphi Building room 6.40b
421/03/201910:00-11:30New Adelphi Building room 6.40b
528/03/201910:00-11:30New Adelphi Building room 6.40b
WorkshopGroup 14ThursdayGROUP CANCELLED
131/01/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
207/02/201910:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 261
314/02/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
421/02/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
528/02/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
607/03/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
714/03/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
821/03/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
928/03/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212
1004/04/201910:00-11:30Allerton Building room A212

WorkshopGroup 15ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
107/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 113
214/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 113
321/02/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
428/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 108
507/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 113
614/03/201912:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 714b
721/03/201912:00-13:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
828/03/201912:00-13:30Chapman Building Seminar Room 3
904/04/201912:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
1002/05/201912:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 823

WorkshopGroup 16ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
107/02/201912:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 160
214/02/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
321/02/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
428/02/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
507/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
614/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
721/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
828/03/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
904/04/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room A212
1002/05/201912:00-13:30Allerton Building room L217

WorkshopGroup 17ThursdayFULL -- NOT  REGISTERING
107/02/201914:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 261
214/02/201914:00-15:30Allerton Building room A212
321/02/201914:00-15:30Allerton Building room A212
407/03/201914:00-15:30Allerton Building room A212
521/03/201914:00-15:30Allerton Building room A212
628/03/201914:00-15:30Allerton Building room A212
704/04/201914:00-15:30Allerton Building room A212
802/05/201914:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 175
909/05/201914:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 175
1016/05/201914:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 132

WorkshopGroup 18ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
114/02/201915:00-16:30Maxwell Building room 808
221/02/201915:00-16:30The Old Fire Station Albert Adams Room
328/02/201915:00-16:30Maxwell Building room 808
407/03/201915:00-16:30Maxwell Building room 808
514/03/201915:00-16:30Peel Building room 108
621/03/201915:00-16:30Peel Building room 108
728/03/201915:00-16:30Peel Building room 108
804/04/201915:00-16:30Peel Building room 108
902/05/201915:00-16:30Peel Building room 108
1009/05/201915:00-16:30Peel Building room 105

WorkshopGroup 19FridayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
101/02/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
208/02/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
315/02/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
422/02/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
501/03/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
608/03/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
715/03/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
822/03/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
929/03/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808
1005/04/201910:00-11:30Maxwell Building room 808

WorkshopGroup 20FridayGROUP CANCELLED
108/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
215/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
322/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
401/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
508/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
615/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
722/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
829/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
905/04/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room 103
1003/05/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
WorkshopGroup Twenty OneFridayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
101/02/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
208/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
315/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
422/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04
529/03/201912:00-13:30Peel Building room LG04

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