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Workshop Timetable and How to Attend

Dates, Times, and Venues for Wordscope

Wordscope is no longer taking any registrations for semester 1, 2018-19. New Wordscope Workshops will be organised for semester 2. If you wish to be put on the Wordscope "to contact" list so that you receive an alert when the new workshop groups are ready to take registration, then please email Wordscope at the address below. Please do not ask if there are any seats available for this semester. Any seats which do become available in any of the workshops running this semester will be offered to students already on the long waiting list.

Any questions about Wordscope should be addressed to Do not telephone Wordscope, and please DO NOT contact Student Life or AskUS about any issues regarding Wordscope. These organisations have NO relation to Wordscope. The only place where you can receive help is Wordscope.

WorkshopGroup 1MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
101/10/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
208/10/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
315/10/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
422/10/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
529/10/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
605/11/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
712/11/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
819/11/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
926/11/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
1003/12/201812:00-13:30Maxwell Building room 907
WorkshopGroup 2MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
124/09/201814:00-15:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
201/10/201814:00-15:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
308/10/201814:00-15:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
415/10/201814:00-15:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
522/10/201814:00-15:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
629/10/201814:00-15:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
705/11/201814:00-15:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
812/11/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 822
919/11/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 822
1026/11/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 822
WorkshopGroup 3MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
124/09/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
201/10/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
308/10/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
415/10/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
522/10/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
629/10/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
705/11/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
812/11/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
919/11/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107
1026/11/201816:00-17:30Peel Building room 107

WorkshopGroup 4MondayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
108/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
215/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
322/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
429/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
505/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
612/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
719/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
826/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
903/12/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813
1010/12/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building room 813

WorkshopGroup 5TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
102/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 261
209/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 261
316/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 261
423/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 174
530/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 261
606/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 174
713/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 261
820/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
927/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
1004/12/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 187

WorkshopGroup 6TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
102/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 151
209/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 151
316/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 151
423/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 151
530/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 175
606/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 175
713/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 175
820/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 175
927/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 175
1004/12/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 175

WorkshopGroup 7TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
125/09/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room LG05
202/10/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room 105
309/10/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room 105
416/10/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room LG09
523/10/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room 105
630/10/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room LG09
706/11/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room 105
813/11/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room 103
920/11/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room 105
1027/11/201812:00-13:30Peel Building room 105

WorkshopGroup 8TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
109/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
216/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 193
323/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
430/10/201814:00-15:30Allerton Building room L218
506/11/201814:00-15:30Allerton Building room L218
613/11/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
720/11/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
827/11/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 262
904/12/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
1011/12/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 262

WorkshopGroup 9TuesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
102/10/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
209/10/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
316/10/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
423/10/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
530/10/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
606/11/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
713/11/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
820/11/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
927/11/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813
1004/12/201814:00-15:30Maxwell Building room 813

WorkshopGroup 10WednesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
103/10/201811:00-12:30Allerton Building room L218
210/10/201811:00-12:30Mary Seacole Building room 259
317/10/201811:00-12:30Mary Seacole Building room 264
424/10/201811:00-12:30Mary Seacole Building room 258
531/10/201811:00-12:30Allerton Building room L217
607/11/201811:00-12:30Allerton Building room L217
714/11/201811:00-12:30Allerton Building room L217
821/11/201811:00-12:30Allerton Building room L707
928/11/201811:00-12:30Allerton Building room L707
1005/12/201811:00-12:30Allerton Building room L707

WorkshopGroup 11WednesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
103/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
210/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
317/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
424/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
531/10/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
607/11/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
714/11/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
821/11/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
928/11/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
1005/12/201814:00-15:30Mary Seacole Building room 187

WorkshopGroup 12WednesdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
110/10/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
217/10/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
324/10/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
431/10/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
507/11/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
614/11/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
721/11/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
828/11/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
905/12/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
1012/12/201816:00-17:30Mary Seacole Building room 187
WorkshopGroup 13ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
104/10/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
211/10/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
318/10/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
425/10/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
501/11/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
608/11/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
715/11/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
822/11/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
929/11/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
1006/12/201813:00-14:30Mary Seacole Building room 146

WorkshopGroup 14ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
127/09/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
204/10/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
311/10/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
418/10/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
525/10/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
601/11/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
708/11/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
815/11/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
922/11/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146
1029/11/201815:00-16:30Mary Seacole Building room 146

WorkshopGroup 15ThursdayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
104/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
211/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
318/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
425/10/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
501/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
608/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
715/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
822/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
929/11/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822
1006/12/201818:00-19:30Maxwell Building 822

WorkshopGroup 16FridayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
105/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
212/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
319/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 260
426/10/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
502/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
609/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 264
716/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
823/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
930/11/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263
1007/12/201810:00-11:30Mary Seacole Building room 263

WorkshopGroup 17FridayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
128/09/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room LG05
205/10/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room 102
312/10/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room 111
419/10/201810:00-11:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
526/10/201810:00-11:30The Old Fire Station, Albert Adams Room
602/11/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room 111
709/11/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room 102
816/11/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room 320
923/11/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room 320
1030/11/201810:00-11:30Peel Building room 320

WorkshopGroup 18FridayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
112/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
219/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
326/10/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
402/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
509/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
616/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
723/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
830/11/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
907/12/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132
1014/12/201812:00-13:30Mary Seacole Building room 132

WorkshopGroup 19FridayFULL -- NOT REGISTERING
105/10/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
212/10/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
319/10/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
426/10/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
502/11/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
609/11/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
716/11/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
823/11/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
930/11/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115
1007/12/201813:00-14:30Maxwell Building room 115

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