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Wordscope Table of Contents

Workshop One:
Writing Complete Sentences
Becoming an Active Writer

Workshop Two:
Sentence Clarity: How to Use the Comma
Controlling Ideas and Breaking Bad Habits

Workshop Three:
More Advice on the Comma
Paragraph Coherence: How to use a Topic Sentence

Workshop Four:
Building More Complex Paragraphs -- the Triangle Shapes
Honing Your Ideas with Subordinate Clauses

Workshop Five:
Better Paragraph Coherence with Transitional Words and Phrases
Create Complex Sentence Structures: Using the Colon

Workshop Six:
Effective Strategies for Linking Sentences and Ideas
Improve Your Thinking and Writing with Definition

Workshop Seven:
More on how to Improve Paragraph Coherence
Improve Your Thinking and Writing with Division

Workshop Eight:
Write Astonishing Sentence Structures with the Semi-Colon
Improve Your Thinking and Writing with Classification

Workshop Nine:
Impress Your Friends: Use the Parenthesis and the Dash Correctly
Generate Interesting Ideas the Easy Way

Workshop Ten:
Choosing Your Words Carefully: Be an Active Writer
Proofread Accurately or Perish

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