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Wordscope Certificates

Besides offering you the opportunity to improve your academic writing skills, Wordscope also provides a lovely and unique Certificate to any student who, as well as doing six homework exercises, attends at least eight of the ten workshops (the Workshop One exercises do not count). The Certificate, which is much coveted, proves that you committed yourself to a substantial programme of voluntary self-enhancement. Such commitment offers future employers evidence not only of your willingness to develop your potential but also of your ability to discipline yourself.

Students who have attended all ten workshops and submitted all of the homework exercises may also request to undertake the Wordscope Writing Test. Successful completion of the test will earn the student a Wordscope Certificate of Distinction.

Students who want to receive a Standard Wordscope Certificate or who want to attempt the Wordscope Test must do so by contacting Adele Davies at When you contact Adele, you should provide the following information: group number, the number of workshops attended, how many homework exercises you submitted, your regular tutor's name, and confirmation of how you want your name to appear on the certificate.

Please Note: many students will apply for a Standard Certificate, while some will opt to do the Wordscope Certificate of Distinction Test. To process all of these requests involves a lengthy process. Therefore, once you have submitted your request, you will not receive a response unless there is a problem with incomplete information. Please be patient and refrain from sending emails about when you will receive your Certificate. You will not receive a reply. The only email that will be dispatched to you is one containing collection/delivery options when the certificates are ready.

Applications for the Standard and the Distinction Certificates are now open. You may apply for a Standard Certificate until 31st May 2019. The application process for the Distinction closes on 31st May 2019.

Examples of Wordscope Certificates

Standard Certificate

Certificate of Distinction

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