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What is Wordscope?

Wordscope delivers a proven programme of writing tuition. Delivered through a writing workshop format, Wordscope is designed to help you improve your academic writing skills. During the writing workshops, you will focus on common writing problems such as how to punctuate correctly, how to construct complete sentences, and how to build coherent paragraphs. In the process, other vital aspects of academic writing are covered. Wordscope is not designed solely for “remedial” or weak writers: student writers at all levels can (and do) benefit from Wordscope. Evidence indicates that if you attend at least six workshops, you should improve your grades by at least six marks. If you attend the full complement of workshops and undertake the necessary writing exercises, you should not be surprised if you improve your degree by at least one class.

Wordscope is offered FREE to on-campus students who want to improve their academic writing skills: please see the Workshop Timetable and How to Attend page for advice about how to join a Wordscope Workshop Group.

Wordscope is delivered through a series of ten progressive workshops. The first workshop introduces you to two key concepts: the complete sentence and the importance of writing consciously. Each workshop builds on previous ones, the level of complexity and sophistication increasing as the programme proceeds. In each workshop, you undertake writing exercises so that you can experience an immediate “hands-on” application of new skills, which at the same time gives you further practice in skills already covered. You are also asked to undertake short homework assignments. These homework assignments are vital for consolidating your understanding of and control over your developing writing skills.

Wordscope does not carry a credit weighting, so you will be attending on a voluntary basis. However, if you commit yourself to Wordscope, a proven method for improving academic writing skills, you will reap tangible and long-lasting benefits. If you attend at least eight workshops, you can apply to receive the much-coveted Wordscope Certificate. If you attend all ten workshops, you can apply to undertake the much more prestigious Wordscope Certificate of Distinction test: please see the Wordscope Certificates folder for further information about the Wordscope Certificate.

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