Our living library

At our University, we connect, build communities and a shared understanding through having great conversations. One way we do this is through our Living Library. In the Living Library, you don't rent a book, but rather have a conversation with an interesting person on a particular topic. Perhaps someone who you wouldn't meet in your daily life, or a topic you want to understand more of.


How are we to understand each other, if we do not have the opportunity to talk to each other?

Ronni Abergel

Inventor of the Human Library™

Our Living Library is inspired by the Human Library concept that originated in Denmark It was established to provide a platform to stop violence and challenge stereotypes by bringing people together, to investigate, learn, promote tolerance and encourage understanding of people who come from varied cultural or lifestyle backgrounds.

Just like a real library, where books provide insight to unknown worlds, our Living Library offers its visitors the chance to step into the world of another person in an open conversation, where anything can be explored.

Meet some of our books and find out what motivated them to become part of our Living Library.


picture of Nadine Watson
"In a conversation with a tutor, I was written off as being hopelessly inadequate academically, in the run-up to my Irish Leaving Certificate". 

My experiences of a Catholic convent education could have led me to believe that I was not able to pursue an academic career, but in spite of that conversation, I knew I had the ability. I want to share my story to reassure anyone considering pursuing a non-traditional route to Higher Education that it's possible.


picture of Jeanette Seale
"Living and working whilst suffering with symptoms of the menopause"

I realise the menopause has been a taboo subject for too long and if people wish to talk and share their experiences, there is no better time than now!

When the symptoms of the menopause started to take a hold of me when I turned 50, Initially I tried healthy alternative remedies, which did help with some of the varied symptoms, but at around 53 I had to seek medical advice as I could not function in work or at home. I was not going to let this period of my life be anything but positive.

I would like to engage people to listen and gain a little knowledge on the menopause and how we now need to openly talk about this natural process women will go through.


Picture of Tara Leach
"My experience of 9/11"

The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers was a major event in history and I understand the interest around it. Over the years I have appreciated being able to share it as much as people appreciate hearing a first-hand account of events. It lives with me and is a part of my own history. 

You will learn that the day was like, the sights and sounds that the media couldn’t cover. You may learn about the normal, everyday people that were simply going about their lives when these events took place, how they change your perspective and how you learn to live with it alongside every other experience you have in life. If I were to describe my life in chapters, it is very much a heading of a chapter, but looked at within an anthology of my life, it is merely one crazy chapter among many.

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