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Student Hub

The Student Hub is your gateway for all things student. Here you can access many of the systems you use in one place and quickly find links, information, learn about events, news and opportunities and access resources for University support and other services. The Hub also displays your most recent documents (note: only you can see these documents as this view is unique for each user).

To access the Student Hub you need to be a Registered Student as you will need to log in with your University email address and password. You’ll need to do this for each browser and/or PC you log in to.

The Student Hub is available as your home page when you log on to any University PC. You can also access it off-campus and on your own devices by heading to

You have easy access to a wider range of Office365 tools like Outlook and OneDrive as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more within the Student Hub. All the Office365 tools are available via the Waffle in top left corner:

Office 365 allows you to create any documents online and store them safely in the cloud. You don't need any software installed, just a browser of your choice.

For example, you can create a document using Word:

You could then share it with your classmate to work on it together, or save it securely in your OneDrive or download it to your computer. All of this is done via the File menu in Word:

You don't need to save the document every time you make a change in Office365 - it is saved automatically in your OneDrive. This is why there is no 'save' button in the Word app.

You can also find quick links to Blackboard, which you'll continue using for your assessments, announcements and learning materials.