Before you join us, find out how you can prepare for your studies.

Studying at university can be a little different to what you might be used to. First off, there are a lot of new terms and new systems to navigate. 

To help you understand some of the common, and sometimes confusing, terms that are used across the University, we've created a useful glossary of terms for new students.

You can also find information below on how to apply for student finance, find out more about accommodation and how to start working on your study skills.


Get familiar with our systems

You’ll be using a number of different online systems at university and it’s worth getting your head around them before you start. The ones we mention aren’t the only tools that you’ll be using, but they’re a good start. Your school, course and module leaders will give you more information about the specific systems you’ll be using. You can also help develop your digital skills through our Library.

Learn more about our systems


When you register and have been given a University email address, you will be able to log in to Office365 to access your emails (Outlook), use collaborative spaces where you can chat to your peers (Teams), save your files in the cloud (OneDrive), as well as make to-do lists, store your notes (OneNote) and access Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Student Hub

The Student Hub is your gateway for all things student. It’s hosted through SharePoint (another Office365 tool) and you access it by logging in with your University email address. The Student Hub is a quick way to find the majority of the systems you use as a Salford student, plus we use the Student Hub to host events, news stories and important information you need to know. The Student Hub is only visible to students and staff at the University and you will get access after registering.


Blackboard is the University’s virtual learning environment. Your school, course and modules will all have sites on Blackboard and you will use it a lot to access your learning materials and for eAssessment. Once you've completed registration you'll also need to log on to Blackboard to find all the materials related to your school induction. 

You’ll use Blackboard to read module announcements, review your lecture materials, participate in discussion board topics, blogs and wikis, find your grades for assignments you’ve submitted and more. There is an app you can use for smart devices, or you can access it online.

You can find lots of information online: Blackboard introduction and guide.

Remember: You must have completed registration first before you can access Blackboard and in order to attend your online induction. This is a compulsory part of your learning and is a requirement of your CAS/visa (international students only). Your CAS/visa may be withdrawn if you do not attend the online induction sessions.

If you are having problems setting up Blackboard, please visit the FAQS page for more information.


Advantage is the system where you can find job opportunities, sign up to workshops and masterclasses and book appointments with different advisors across the university. You’ll use your network login to access Advantage so, once you are registered, take a look at what’s online and book on as many workshops and masterclasses as you like, including many of our Welcome events.

Applying for student finance

Confirm your fee payment

If you are a home student, and are taking out a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of your course, it’s really important that you have applied for this as early as possible and have confirmation of your loan from Student Finance. If you will be sponsored for your course, you must have written proof in place, or if you are self-funding your tuition costs, you must be prepared to set up a payment plan.


We have great accommodation on campus at both the Peel Park Quarter, and the John Lester and Eddie Colman sites. We also work with Manchester Student Homes to find other places to live across the city.

Develop your academic skills

A student in Clifford Whitworth Library

Studying at university can be quite different to what you are used to, so we have developed some extra resources to support you with this. Our Get Ready to Learn at the University of Salford resource will give you a great introduction to studying here, as well as providing you with all the resources you need to make your time at university a success.

As well as giving you a head start with your academic studies: you’ll find information about setting up your IT accounts, using the library and Blackboard (our virtual learning environment), as well as how you can get Office 365 for free.

Disability and Learner Support

Everyone learns in different ways and we all need different support systems in place to make sure we can succeed. We have a dedicated Disability and Learner Support team that can help with assistive software, the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) funding, specialist support if you need adjustments put into place and general wellbeing support. Most of this support, including the DSA, can be requested before starting your course. Find out more information on the askUS website.

If you told us on your UCAS form that you need extra support, the team will get in touch. Otherwise, make sure to update your details when you register or contact our Disability and Learner Support team through askUS.

Preparing for study as an international student

If you are an international student, find more information about what you should to bring to the UK, travel, visas and more.

Next steps

Now you should understand a little more about studying at Salford, know how to sort out your accommodation, contact our Disability and Learner Support team, make sure you’re prepared for registration, and settle into life at Salford more easily.

If you’re a checklist sort of person, here’s what you need to focus on: