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Travelling to the UK

Make sure you knoPlanew what you can and can't bring to the UK as well as checking all your arrangements for travel and booking your airport transfer service. 


Before you depart, check that you have all the documents you will need and carry them in your hand luggage. You will need to show some of these documents to the UK Border Force officers and further documents if you have booked a taxi transfer.    

Please ensure you have the following ready when you arrive:    

  • Your landing card. You will be given a landing card on the airplane shortly before you land. You must complete the card and have it ready to hand to the Border Force officer on arrival      
  • Your passport. Remove your passport from any protective case before handing it to the Border Force officer      
  • Visa. This could be in the form of a vignette in your passport and/or a decision letter proving your right to study in the UK.      
  • Your CAS letter. You may be asked to show your CAS on arrival in the UK      
  • Your medical card. You may be asked to show a medical card or a TB screening certificate (depending on your country of origin) on arrival in the UK      
  • Your University offer letter. You will need to show this to the taxi company if you have pre-booked a taxi transfer      
  • Your airport welcome/taxi transfer confirmation. You will need to show this to the taxi company if you have booked a taxi transfer. You can book a taxi service through Advantage.


Depending on your circumstances, the following documents may be required once you have entered the UK, either for your University registration or for other purposes:    

  • Passport and visa
  • Travel and health insurance documents      
  • Documentary evidence of your finances including confirmation of sponsorship      
  • Documentary evidence of your qualifications (original documents of academic certificates and/or original official transcripts)      
  • Your offer letter from the University of Salford      
  • Original documentary evidence of your English language skills (if required)      
  • Your ATAS Certificate (if required)      
  • Driver’s license (if you have one)      
  • Any doctor’s letter outlining medical conditions or prescribed drugs      

What you should pack will depend on your individual circumstances. Here are some items we recommend you bring with you:

  • Pack at least one warm sweater and a jacket. Cotton or wool fabric are much warmer than synthetic fabrics. You can buy suitable warm clothes at low cost once you arrive. Student support staff or welcome staff can advise where to go for bargains      
  • A dictionary. This can be very useful especially at the start of your studies      
  • Small personal items such as photographs that can help your new accommodation feel more like home


Your entire household!    

  • You can buy all the household items you may need, such as bedding, or kitchenware locally at low cost      
  • Too many books. You can borrow most books you need at the library or they may be available second hand from other students      

There are some things you cannot bring into the UK, or are subject to restrictions:    

  • Banned goods. These include items such as firearms, knives, imitation or ceremonial weapons, certain fur or animal skin products, indecent or obscene materials
  • Food products and plants. There are restrictions on bringing certain food stuffs and plants into the UK. Meat and dairy products are not allowed in most cases,and restrictions apply to vegetables and plants. Restricted goods will be confiscated on arrival, so please check the regulations carefully        
  • Duty free goods. You can bring in a certain amount of duty/tax free goods into the UK for your own use. This is known as a ‘duty free allowance’. If you go over your allowance, you may have to pay duty or tax. There are limits to the amount of tobacco and alcohol you can bring into the country and on the value of other goods
  • Cash. You must declare on arrival any amounts of cash in any currency you are bringing into the UK which is equivalent to or more than 10,000 Euro