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Key things to check before you travel

You must have agreed a payment plan with the University for any outstanding tuition fees before you can complete student registration.    

You can pay any balance on your fees in full on arrival, or you can arrange to pay the balance in instalments.    


The first step of registering as a student is to attend an International Check In appointment. During your appointment you will provide your immigration documents which will be checked by a member of staff in order to meet Home Office requirements. Your record will then be updated to enable you to complete your registration.

You must bring original documents to your check-in appointment. The documents you bring with you depend on the type of immigration permission you have:

I have a Tier 4 visaI have a non-Tier 4 visa
Your current visaYour current visa
Your passport 
Your original academic certificates 
Your original English Language certificate (if required) 

If you do not have the required document(s) because you have made a recent visa application, you should provide evidence of an on-time visa application (your application cover sheet and Post Office receipt). 

For full details you where and when you should attend an International Check-In Appointment, please refer to your registration email.

After international check in, you will complete registration through a short online process to confirm: your personal details, the programme you will be studying, and the method of fee payment.

  • You will only be able to complete registration if you have an agreed payment plan for any outstanding fees
  • You must complete registration by the deadline set by your programme
  • We are required by law to advise the UKVI if any student who has received a CAS number does not register by the deadline. Your visa may be cancelled if you have not registered on your programme
  • Please contact the Registration Team at if you have any problems registering by the set deadline. If you are unable to register by the deadline, you may need to defer the start date of your programme. If you are required to defer, please contact the International Conversion Team at, stating your student ID number
  • Deferring your start date will affect your immigration status. If you are already in the UK, please contact the University Home Office Compliance team at If you are still in your home country, please contact the agency that issued your Tier 4 visa for more information

It is important to make a note of all important dates which relate to your immigration status and set reminders for taking any action required, such as applying for a visa extension or renewing your passport. You should take note of:

  • The date your current visa expires       
  • The date you will need to request a CAS number (for example, if you will need to switch from a short term study visa to a Tier 4 visa during your studies)
  • The date your passport expires       
  • Dates you are meeting with your supervisor (if you are a research student, or a masters student who has progressed to writing up your dissertation)      

Our Immigration and Visas website contains a wealth of information, resources and guides to help support you through your time at Salford University. If you cannot find the information you need on our website, please get in touch with the Home Office Compliance team in askUS:


Telephone: 0161 295 0023