nZEB- Renovation market locker: accelerating energy renovation solutions for near Zero Energy Buildings and neighbourhoods.

Project Details:

The RenoZEB project aims to unlock the nZEB (near Zero Energy Buildings) renovation market leveraging the gain on property value through a new systemic approach to DR (Deep Renovation). This will include innovative components, processes and decision-making methodologies to guide all value-chain actors in the nZEB renovation process; including a specific knowledge-based tool for Real Estate Industry to select the integrated solutions with highest impact in the revalorization of the building. The project will contribute to create a large-scale nZEB renovation Market in Europe transforming the residential building stock to match the net-zero energy standards at affordable price.

The RenoZEB system (solution) will be developed and evaluated following the new methodology covering the whole DR (Deep Renovation) process including Plan, Design, Construction and Management as illustrated below. The system will be evaluated in real demonstration projects in Bulgaria and Spain.

RenoZEB image

THINKlab Input:

As partners in this €6.8million project, the THINKlab is leading WP2 work to develop the RenoZEB value-based concept including a set of new approaches and procedures for DR (Deep Retrofitting). This will be mapped to construct a holistic methodology across the phases of Plan, Design, Construction and Management to support planning and design of alternative solutions and selection of the best alternative based on property value and optimum energy performance.

Project Value


Project Period

October 2017 to March 2020

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