Creating a Multi-agency Collaboration Platform for Building Resilient Communities in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan.

Project details

MOBILISE project aims to develop a Collaborative Multi-agency Platform that can be used for building resilient communities in disaster prone areas in three low-/middle-income countries (LMICs), namely Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia which are frequently affected by multiple natural disasterssuch as floods, landslides, cyclones, droughts, and earthquakes. This research investigates a broader set of disaster risk and response governance to assess their vulnerabilities and resilience capabilities to strengthen local and national resilience frameworks.

Bringing information from the Earth Observation (EO) and social platforms, the MOBILISE project aims to create a novel 3D virtual collaborative environment that helps multiple agencies involved in risk reduction and response to capture accurate picture of a disaster incident to plan forfuture disaster incidents as well as for effective disaster responses in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan.

THINKlab role

Prof. Terrence Fernando Director of THINKlab is a principle investigator of the project. The project plans to dev</lop:

  1. Multi-agency Digital Collaborative Platform for Risk Reduction and Response
  2. Dynamic Urban Disaster Resilience Framework
  3. Model of Cascading Effects of Hazards on Critical Infrastructure      

Project value

£1.2 million

Project period

May 2017 to April 2020

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Our partners

Scientific partners

  • University of Salford logo
  • University of Colombo logo
  • University of Moratuwa logo
  • Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia logo
  • Universiti of Peshawar logo

UK Steering Committee

  • Cabinet Office logo
  • GM Prepare
  • Resilient Greater Manchester
  • Environment Agency
  • adpc logo
  • Telespazio logo
  • Catapult
  • Secure Information Assurance logo

Sri Lankan Steering Committee

  • The Federation of Sri Lankan Government Authorities, Sri Lanka
  • The Centre of Governance Innovations, Sri Lanka
  •  	Disaster Management Centre, Sri Lanka

Malaysian Steering Committee

  • Batu Pahat Municipal Council, Malaysia
  • The Construction Research Institute of Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Melaka Historical City Council, Malaysia
  • Microcorp Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • National Disaster Management Agency, Malaysia
  • South East Asia Disaster Preventative Research Initiative (SEADPRI), Malaysia
  • Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia

Pakistan Steering Committee

  • Inaratech, Pakistan
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Pakistan