We believe that thinking beyond the confinement of disciplines is essential because current societal and organisational problems are too complex to be solved by a single theoretical and methodological set. Therefore the THINKlab is committed to conducting interdisciplinary research to address complex social, economic and environmental challenges. We believe in co-creating solutions with our industry partners and citizens.

We are committed to creating collaborative problem solving environments that can lead to greater insight into current problems through integrated information analysis, better team engagement through advanced visualisation and interaction, and the exploration of possible solutions and their impact through simulation, data analytics and tacit knowledge fusion.

Current projects


Creating a Multi-agency Collaboration Platform for Building Resilient Communities in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan..      

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Accelerating energy renovation solutions for near Zero Energy Buildings and neighbourhoods    

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Innovate UK

Exploring digital solutions for supporting businesses to realise the potential of new technologies, develop ideas and make them a commercial success  

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Previous projects


Building a life-cycle evolutionary Design methodology able to create Energy-efficient buildings flexibly connected with the neighbourhood energy system.

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Collaborative Rover Operations and Satellites Science in Distributed Remote & Interactive Virtual Environments.

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Providing comprehensive ICT solutions for the collaborative design of products-services and production processes.

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A World-class Infrastructure for Advanced 3D visualisation-based Research.

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