Dr May Bassanino

Dr May Bassanino

Position held at THINKlab: Research Fellow

Time at THINKlab: June 2007-March 2018

My Experience at THINKlab

My experience at the University of Salford THINKlab for more than ten years has had a strong direction in the area of collaborative engineering, process modelling and evaluation frameworks. My research work was focused on investigating multi-disciplinary collaboration through my involvement in a number  of  European  funded  research projects such as CoSpaces (FP6 programme), Visionair, Design4Energy and ProSEco (FP7 programme) and RenoZEB (Horizon 2020) in which I led the tasks for process modelling to define various scenarios for requirements capture. Through my engagement in this research programme,  I  studied  in-depth  concurrent activities carried out by multidisciplinary design teams and explored the use of visualisation and interactive technologies to enhance team communication and collaboration.

While working at the THINKlab, I had the opportunity to be involved in teaching. I have successfully delivered courses in Digital Architecture for undergraduate and postgraduate students. I have also successfully designed and delivered a number of industry engagement activities such as training programmes,  webinars,  online  courses  and CPDs for large industrial users, SMEs and research scientists to address strategic, operational and technical aspects in the construction industry.

The THINKlab team under the leadership of Professor Fernando represents a rich environment for collaboration, enabling the centre’s members and their collaborators to exchange and share experiences and knowledge across all aspects of research, commercial and enterprise activities. The unique setting  of  the  THINKlab  facilitated close communications and friendships amongst the team members to develop, thus enjoying social celebrations when possible. I am privileged to say that I was part of such a great team for more than ten years, contributing to its success and I am keen to carry on working with  the  team  members  through my new role.

How has THINKlab supported/assisted your career and/or academic progression?

The THINKlab at the University of Salford is an interdisciplinary centre in every sense. I joined the THINKlab as a researcher with an architectural background, however, after more than 10 years of being involved in interdisciplinary research activities, my research portfolio has expanded far beyond  the  construction  industry  to cover a wide range of domains and industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Ecosystem, Social, Design and Energy, and Manufacturing, to name a few. This experience enabled me to appreciate “interdisciplinary” as an enabler for creativity and innovation.


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My Future

After leaving the THINKlab, I am joining the School of Art, Design and Architecture team at the University of Huddersfield as a Senior Lecturer. In my new role, I will be leading the ‘Architectural Technology’ Programme and pursue my ambition to build my research area around ‘Design  for  the  Ageing  Population’.