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THINKlab supported policy changes for designing future workspaces within the Environment Agency. The Environment Agency commissioned the THINKlab to host a one day facilitated workshop for a cross section of staff that were about to experience some changes to their working space. The aim of workshop was to gain an understanding of/to identify their requirements and incorporate these within the design of the workspace.

This project entitled ‘Love Your Space’ explored how working spaces can promote wellbeing, serendipity, and productivity. The project aimed to show how to improve current space, celebrate existing thoughtful space and influence future space.

The project team came together from different parts of the business, from different backgrounds but with a shared ambition of getting the most out of the passion, expertise and experience of their staff. They quickly identified that there are very few studies that have considered the physical space we work in and how it provides a link between the innovation process, our sense of wellbeing and our overall motivation to be effective at work; this project also focused on the mental space we all need to be productive.

THINKlab was an ideal environment for everyone to get together off-site in a stimulating and inspiring facility whilst also acted as an example of the possibilities available when creating innovative working spaces.

Velresco provided professional facilitation services helping to shape the structure and activities for the day, navigating the discussions and keeping the audience engaged and focused on the desired objectives. THINKlab’s interactive collaboration software Zing, supported the activities and allowed each member of the audience to view their opinions and preferences ensuring that all voices were heard not just those who shout loudest.

The event successfully generated and captured lots of ideas. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the space and the technology. As a result of this project the Environment Agency have drawn up a set of ‘Guiding Principles’ and identified areas that people want to be considered when deliberating how best to design work spaces. The project team are now engaging with their Estates and Accommodation team and Defra Estates with the aim to influence policy to consider wellbeing as fundamental to the success of a given work space.

“The facilitation provided real energy and insight, pressing the audience to hone a particular point and keeping everyone engaged through a very full day. We were impressed and surprised by how much material was generated.”

Senior Manager at the Environment Agency

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