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Training Sessions

As the UK’s leading accredited practitioner of the Pillars of Parenting “authentic warmth” care programme Halliwell Homes have recognised the added value that the right training environment can bring to their courses. Throughout the year THINKlab supports Halliwell Homes in the delivery of their week long ‘Restorative Parenting Recovery Programme’, part of the Framework of Professional Childcare.

This is a programme that is delivered to Commissioning Managers, Social Workers, Teachers and Residential Managers and informs of the merits of restorative parenting, a therapeutic practice model of care which is clinically proven to enhance the psychological recovery of children in the looked after sector. During their sessions Halliwell Homes utilise the THINKlab Voting system, a simple tool that allows the facilitator to pose suitable questions to the audience and provides the opportunity for each person to express their views, a quick and easy way to maximise productivity whilst adding another dimension to the event.

"THINKlab technology allows us to work with clients interactively within a unique learning environment which facilitates better communication and information sharing"

Andrew Constable, Business Director

One of our long standing clients, Halliwell Homes returns to the THINKlab several times each year, Frances Sharpe, Marketing and Training Manager explains the reasons why:

"THINKlab provides an inspiring teaching and learning space that extends the attention span and enthusiasm of the learners.

The environment relaxes and motivates candidates to take part in discussions. The staff are always friendly and accommodating; nothing is too much trouble which is one of the reasons why we keep coming back."

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