Network Rail

4D modelling Modules

Working in collaboration with Network Rail in the UK, THINKlab has produced a range of simulation modules which can be used to support track renewal programmes:

  • THINKlab Design Review Module: This module allows teams to integrate BIM models of OLE, P-Way & Signalling within a 3D GIS environment and collectively explore the emerging designs
  • THINKlab 4D Simulation Module: This module allows the planners to translate 2D schedules into an interactive animation sequence to illustrate deconstruction & construction operations within a given site in 3D
  • THINKlab Laser Data Mapper Module: This module allows the positioning of laser scanned track data onto a 3D GIS environment and make accurate measurements.


“Network Rail, working in collaboration with Fugro Raildata and Salford University THINKlab developed a 4D geo spatially accurate modelling designs for today, building a better railway for a better Britain.”

Roy Hickman – Network Rail

“The 4d modelling helped us with the staging of our works, so as to reduce any clashes before we go on site. Without it, we would have incurred additional cost and time to the delivery of works! It became an integral tool to the way we delivered railway jobs.”

Ameet Masania – Network Rail

“The model assisted the delivery team in the preparation of the core works and also had considerable health & safety benefits, it was well received by all parties utilising the outputs”

Basharat Mahfooz – Network Rail

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