Offshore Electrical Substation

THINKlab were approached by Siemens to produce an interactive virtual model of their new Offshore Electrical Substation. Working closely with Nigel Platt and his team at Siemens an interactive visualisation was produced allowing users to explore the Substation in real time.  The model makes use of Oculus Rift HMD technology allowing users to be immersed within the virtual world. The use of this technology afforded the user a feeling of presence and sense of scale not possible on standard screens.

“Our collaboration with Salford University's THINKlab has been an important part of the design and market launch process for our new offshore electrical substation product. The virtual reality model created by the THINKlab has been used in design and safety reviews as well as for customer demonstrations including our global product launch at the 2015 European Wind Energy Conference in Copenhagen. The reaction to this VR model has been great and has exceeded our expectations - it has saved us time and money by improving our design review process and it has helped us quickly communicate how our product operates to potential customers. We plan to use this tool in our future development of onshore and offshore electrical substations and to train Operations and Maintenance staff for our installations.

Working with Simon Campion and the other THINKlab staff has been an interesting and enjoyable experience; not only have we created the VR models but we have also improved the process of exporting the 3D models from our design systems for post-processing. We look forward to working with the THINKlab team in the future.” Nigel Platt, System Engineering Manager, Siemens (2018)

The ElecLink Project

The ElecLink Project is designed to connect the French and UK network grids via a Siemens HVDC PLUS interconnector and Prysmian HVDC cables. The interconnector will be a 1000MW 320kV HVDC VSC symmetrical monopole and will utilise the existing tunnel infrastructure at Eurotunnel, with the twin HVDC cables being installed within a running tunnel at the site.

On behalf of Siemens, Markko Grizelj, HVDC System Engineering Manager said; ‘Working with Simon and his team at Thinklab has been a pleasure. The team was very accommodating with the various requests and changes that came up over the period of the project. Communication was frequent, honest and very productive, with Thinklab clearly able to articulate the capabilities and limitations of the technology and software. The final product was very impressive and has been used at a number of our corporate events. Many thanks!’

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