Glaxo Smith Kline

Salford Lung Study(SLS) Mirrorworld Platform

The Salford Lung Study (SLS) was an innovative ‘real-world’ research project which studied the safety and effectiveness of a GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) respiratory medicine alongside currently available treatments.

The Study was a unique collaboration between GSK, North West e-Health (NWeH), The University of Manchester, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Salford, local GPs and local community pharmacists.

It was the first large, prospective, ‘real-world’ study to be conducted within one geographical setting and was initiated before the medicine was licensed.

GSK worked collaboratively with Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd and THINKlab to develop a novel SLS Visualisation Platform that could be used by the Team to demonstrate the Study to audiences worldwide. The Platform created a virtual model of the City of Salford over which social, health and Study data could be displayed interactively. This could be used in a variety of innovative ways to introduce Salford as a city to international audiences, tell the unique ‘story’ of the Study and help illustrate the journey of a patient involved in the Study.

We have completed the build of a base platform which provides the functionality to create and display a range of social and health perspectives of the city and have worked closely with the SLS Team to integrate additional data to help ‘road test’ the Platform. This work will explore and create a range of interactive Study scenarios.

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GSK Salford employment mapping GSK visualisation of multiple data comparison