Stan Price

Stan Price

Position held at THINKlab: Part-Time Senior Research Fellow

Time at THINKlab: July 2006 to April 2007

My Experience at THINKlab

My principal activity whilst working in the THINKlab was administering Salford Universities` involvement in the European Commission (EC) INTUITION virtual reality networking project.  This consumed the majority of my time and the only two non-administrative tasks I was able to undertake were:-

  • Suggestions for a standardised platform to support virtual reality.
  • Organisation and facilitation of a workshop on virtual reality.

The working environment was more than satisfactory.

How has THINKlab supported/assisted your career and/or academic progression?

My time in the THINKlab was one of the last assignments I undertook prior to my retirement so I had no further career nor progression for it to influence.



My Future

As indicated above I retired soon after my time in THINKlab.