Mustafa Birman

Mustafa Birman

Position held at THINKlab: Research Assistant

Time at THINKlab: 2011-2013

My Experience at THINKlab

THINKlab has one of the best technological environments you’ll ever find, During the time I worked at the THINKlab, I have involved in few known projects, A 3D Augmented Reality Game for the BBC Kids, 3D Musical Project for the Psappha called 8 Songs for a Mad King and a project for Network Rail to demonstrate their new investments on the railways. I have also developed couple of touch screen 3D games to be used for the demonstrations and made all work with Xbox Kinect. I can easily say that I have increased my knowledge each day and it was a pleasure for me to work in the THINKlab. It was a very good feeling to be the part of the THINKlab family.

How has THINKlab supported/assisted your career and/or academic progression?

THINKlab is the place of my Academic Career’s starting point. It assisted me in a really good way and I am looking forward to start my Academic Career one day.



My Future

Currently I am working in a local bank in Cyprus as IT Manager. I am very keen to start doing a PhD. within the next couple of years.