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Do you find yourself asking why things work the way that they do? Are you fascinated by scientific discoveries? With the events of 2020 accelerating our changing world, we have more questions than ever before. So, if you want a degree where you can continue to question and discover, look no further than a physics degree at Salford.

Physics is at the heart of modern life. Equipped with knowledge to make technological advances, and the enthusiasm to make scientific discoveries, physicists are driving our future. Today, you’ll find physics graduates leading breakthroughs in nanotechnology, harnessing green energy, revolutionising sound and bringing life-saving scanning technology to healthcare. With a physics-based degree, you can join them.

Led by expert tutors, our range of Institute of Physics-accredited courses is designed to nurture students who will make a positive difference across a huge range of industries. Blending advanced theoretical knowledge with real-world collaboration, a Physics degree at Salford is the ideal start to your exciting journey of discovery. Take a look at what we can offer you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying Physics

Will the university help me to find work experience and industry placements?

Whilst you will be responsible for securing your own work experience and industry placements, our tutors will guide and support you through the process. We have links with a range of organisations, across many industries and will assist you in securing a placement.

We highly recommend that you include a placement year in your physics studies. Industry experience enables you to apply your knowledge in real-world situations and also form those vital early career connections. 

Hear from BSc (Hons) Physics student Elizabeth Chard on her recent placement experience.

Read Elizabeth's blog >> 

How will I benefit from studying on an accredited course?

All of our Physics programmes are accredited by the Institute of Physics (IOP), so you will be educated to the highest  standards. This accreditation also means that upon graduation, you will meet the academic requirements for IOP membership and have a route towards Chartered Physicist status.

What career opportunities will be open to me when I graduate?

Due to the analytical and problem-solving nature of the courses, a wide range of career paths will be open to you. Our physics alumni have found roles in a variety of sectors, including medical physics, defence, finance, research, education, engineering and the nuclear industry. 

Are there any fieldtrip or external fieldtrip opportunities?

The University of Salford Physics Society organise an annual trip abroad that typically takes place after the May exams. The location of this trip changes each year, but students have previously been to CERN and Berlin. First year students are also usually taken to Accelerator Science at Daresbury Labs.

Got another question?

We know that deciding which direction to take your physics studies is a big step. If you have any further questions, our friendly team will be happy to answer them for you.

Contact us via email at or phone +44 (0)161 295 4545 (9am-5pm).

Why Study Physics at Salford


You will develop skills desired by industry and academia, including team work, problem solving, communication and presentation skills, and open the door to a diverse range of employment opportunities


You can choose to include an industrial placement year between years two and three to boost your future employability


You will experience an immersive learning approach, enriched with experiments in our professional-standard Joule Physics Laboratories taught by research-active staff


Did you know our Peel Park campus is set in 46 square kilometres of lush, green space to enjoy? But we're also just over a mile away from the big city buzz of Manchester - offering world-class culture, exciting events, superior sport and legendary nightlife. Together, it creates one unrivalled student destination.

Ready to apply on UCAS?

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