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Staff Mobility

If you are a staff member at the University of Salford, whether you are an academic or administrative, you can also partake in Erasmus mobility. This is called Erasmus Staff Mobility and you can also get funding in a similar way to students.

Any staff member may apply for a Teaching or Training mobility, and the mobility period may last from two days to two months.

Staff mobility is expected to contribute to the overall priorities of Erasmus+ and the University’s International strategy, therefore it is not solely intended to be benefitting or developing your career.


Any academic staff employed at the University of Salford can undertake Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching.

The teaching period must be at an institution that is a partner of Salford.

During the teaching mobility, you must deliver at least eight hours of teaching per week.


Teaching and non-teaching staff, including administrative and other staff, employed at the University of Salford, may undertake Erasmus+ mobility for training.

Unlike Erasmus+ mobility for teaching, the host institution for staff training does not need to have an inter-institutional agreement with Salford.

Training events abroad may be in the form of job shadowing, observation, attendance at workshops or courses. This may be for transfer of knowledge and good practice, to learn from shared experience, acquire practical skills or discover new ideas for teaching and learning. Please note – simply attending conferences are not funded under this programme.

Prior to departure, the full training programme must be agreed formally by Salford and your host institution or enterprise, by exchange of letters or electronically. Minimum requirements for the training programme are in the Staff Training Agreement. Evidence must be kept that this has been agreed prior to departure, and any amendment must also be formally agreed and retained.

Training and Teaching Combined

Staff can also participate in a mobility that combines both teaching and training.

A staff member undertaking this combined mobility must complete 8 hours teaching per week.

Staff Mobility Grants

One of the great benefits of undertaking staff mobility under Erasmus is that you are eligible for staff mobility grants to contribute towards subsistence and travel.

Staff subsistence and travel costs are paid as flat rates, and travel days are not included in the calculation of your duration.

Subsistence Grant

Please download the PDF to estimate how much you would be awarded for subsistence. Note, this table within the PDF does not include travel days or travel grant.

Download Subsistence Grant information (pdf)...

Travel Grant

The following table allows you to estimate how much you are entitled to for a travel grant:

For travel distances between 100 and 499 KM: 180 EUR per participant
For travel distances between 500 and 1999 KM: 275 EUR per participant
For travel distances between 2000 and 2999 KM: 360 EUR per participant
For travel distances between 3000 and 3999 KM: 530 EUR per participant
For travel distances between 4000 and 7999 KM: 820 EUR per participant
For travel distances of 8000 KM or more: 1100 EUR per participant

Please see the following link to calculate how far you are travelling:

Please note that the distance to be calculated is one way – from Salford to your host institution. The grant covers both outward and return journey.

This funding is intended to support your mobility and not intended to cover all expenses. You will first need to consult your Head of School or Director of Service for initial approval of your proposed mobility and absence (ensuring any teaching/ work responsibilities can be covered) and indicating a commitment to cover any shortfall in funding from School/Service funds.

Staff Mobility funding for 2017/18 is open until 18th October. Please complete the application

Teaching/Training Agreement

All staff members undertaking staff mobility must complete a Teaching or Training Agreement well before they leave. This must be returned in digital copy.

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching Agreement

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training Agreement

Grant Agreement

All staff members undertaking staff mobility must sign a Grant Agreement before they leave, formally accepting the grant and acknowledging the obligations associated with its acceptance. Electronic (digital) signatures are not acceptable. The agreement must be retained as a record of the mobility. This must be returned in digital copy.

A Grant Agreement will be emailed to you upon receipt of the Teaching/Training Agreement.

All documents returned to

Upon return from an Erasmus+ teaching or training period, you must submit your individual electronic report via the EU survey. The European Commission’s database system, the Mobility Tool+, will issue you an automatic email containing your individual link to the feedback report, to the recorded email address at the end date of your mobility.

If you have completed your expenses via the online travel expenses system - there is a function to print your expenses form. Please provide us with a copy of this by sending it to This will be how we reimburse your school via an inter-departmental transfer.