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Date published: August 29, 2018

Inspire scheme helps our new students get off to a flying start

We have launched a new financial support scheme for all new UK and EU undergraduate students who are joining us on an undergraduate programme or foundation year this September and from thereon in.

When a new student completes their registration here on campus, they will automatically be able to access an Inspire account, which gives them £150 credit to spend in a dedicated online store. They will be able to look at their reading lists and buy text books, as well as other learning resources, electronics or stationery, to give them the best possible start to their studies. This scheme will run annually, meaning each student will receive £150 credit on Inspire for each year of their undergraduate degree, if they study here on campus. They can also top up their accounts with their own money if they want to purchase something that costs a little more. 

For our students from low-income backgrounds and living in areas where participation in higher education is low, there will also be the opportunity to receive an additional £350 credit, bringing the total to £500 each year. This assessment will be made when they register and is based on personal circumstances.

All students have been given information about Inspire in their Welcome Packs and on our website and the Inspire team will have a stall at Welcome Week plus other awareness-raising events throughout the year.

If you would like to take a look at how the site works and what you can buy, please click here. You can also check out any FAQs and the terms and conditions by clicking here

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