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Date published: March 25, 2019

Would you like to work abroad this summer or after graduation?

Erasmus+ provides a grant for students to carry out a work experience placement in a choice of 32 countries across Europe. Erasmus+ funding is available for both traineeships embedded in the student’s study programme (i.e. counting towards the degree) and voluntary traineeships (i.e. not obligatory for the degree). Funding is also available for students who are about to graduate, as long as a confirmation of employment can be provided at least two months before course completion date.

As a student of the University of Salford, you will be able to undertake one or more work experiences, providing each one meets the minimum duration of two months and the maximum duration of twelve months is not exceeded. For graduates, the work experience must be completed within the twelve months following the course completion date.

The main benefits of undertaking a traineeship abroad include the following:

- Enhanced employability and improved career prospects;

- Increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;

- Increased self-empowerment and self-esteem;

- Enhanced intercultural awareness.


- €400/€450 Erasmus+ grant a month depending on your chosen country;

- 80% of total grant at the start of the exchange, remaining 20% on return;

- Santander travel grants for the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain;

- Travel grants are also made available by the Government;

- Some work placements also offer a salary and/or free services (e.g. accommodation, transport etc.);

- Additional financial support available for students from a disadvantaged background;

- Additional financial support available for students with special needs;

- Financial support if visa is needed;

- Financial support if you would like to undertake a language course before leaving for chosen country.

To find out more, please visit Here you will also be able to find a Traineeship Toolkit with country-specific information and recommendation on how to look for a work experience.

For the most up-to-date information about how Brexit could affect Erasmus+, please see the following:

* Advice for students -;

* Travel information (

For further information, please visit our website or email Also follow @UoS_IntOpps on Twitter for the latest updates.

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