Top 5 Study Spaces

Date published: October 30, 2017

What lies beyond Clifford Whitworth?

As exams and assignments loom ever closer, we want you to find a study space that works for you. While Clifford Whitworth is the obvious choice, there is less space than usual because of the refurbishment that’s taking place. Looking beyond Clifford Whitworth might be the answer. We’d challenge you to find a better view on campus than the one at our Maxwell PC Suite, although the view from our Chapman pop-up library must come a close second

The Library takes you beyond Clifford Whitworth to reveal their favourite study spaces across campus. Expect beanbags, ground floor basements and plenty of great views.

  1. The B’Hive

    Opened in March this year, the B’Hive is the shining light of our study spaces outside Clifford. When you walk into this space you really can feel the speed of campus drop for a second. The living-room like design is not unlike the Students’ Union’s Atmosphere café but without the sounds of tills crashing, orders being taken and food being delivered.

    Not only is the B’Hive aesthetically pleasing, it is also perfectly built for study. There are plenty of large sealed off areas for group work, collaboration hubs and spaces for individual study, meaning that no matter what type of learner you are you’ll be happy at the B’Hive. There are also whiteboards, PCs, projectors and even a designated space for you to practice your presentations.

    When studying gets too much though, and we know it often does, there are televisions that you can tune into and beanbags for you to relax on. No wonder it’s our number one.


  2. Chapman pop-up library

    Back across the railway tracks you’ll find our Chapman pop-up library. While it may not be a match for the décor that meets you in the B’Hive, the view our pop-up library gives you is definitely a winner. Spreading across the whole of our campus and even over the roof of Clifford, here you really can gaze into the distance when you just can’t find that word you need for your essay.

    You have five, yes five, group study rooms here, laptops you can loan, printers and a large open study area. By the end of your day studying here you may well have just found that word you were looking for.

    Chapman Study Space

  3. Maxwell PC Suite

    Another strong contestant for having the best view on campus is our Maxwell PC Suite. Easiest found by using the entrance behind Salford Museum, this PC suite is made up of three ground floor rooms that house nearly 60 PCs.

    Perched directly above Peel Park, the view from here stretches across the park taking in the river Irwell and the meadow. It’s the prime position to view the work that’s taking place at Peel Park and get that all-important essay done.


  4. Allerton Learning Space

    Back across the railway tracks and just one floor up from the B’Hive, you’ll find our Allerton Learning Space. If you’re based on our Peel Park campus, this space is well worth the ten minute walk.

    Spread over three floors, Allerton Learning Space offers a large study area with furniture to suit a range of study styles, a large PC suite with just under 100 PCs, an enquiry desk staffed with people who can help you with your studies, lockers, laptop loans and a large group study room with a large screen and whiteboards.


  5. Peel basement
  6. An underdog from the start here, Peel basement is an unlikely favourite amongst some of you. Located in the depths of the Victorian Peel building, there a further 50 PCs available in this spot. It’s a quiet space and one you may come to cherish.


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