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Date published: April 16, 2018

Welcome to The Front Bench – a Student-Run Political Blog

The Front Bench is a new blog written by students, for students.

The blog is run by Stuart Collier-Daintith and Jack Andrew Lister who are International Relations & Politics and Politics students at the University of Salford.

The team has an ambitious plan to roll this new political blog out to every University student across the UK by the end of 2019. Stuart and Jack are looking for students who have an interest in politics, enjoy writing political blogs or expressing their opinion but feel that they don’t have an outlet to do so.

As well as being a political blog written by students, for students, the team will also be entertaining guest writers each month, which will include Politicians, University Alumni and Lecturers who will write on the current affairs of the day.

So how can you get involved? It is simple, fill out the form here > <

If you’re not keen on writing but enjoy reading, then you can join the mailing list here > <

The Front Bench is an independent blog and has no political affiliations.

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