Date published: January 30, 2019

Want a career with PwC? Apply now to get matched with a mentor!

The PwC mentoring scheme matches university students interested in a career in Professional Services with PwC people. It provides you with opportunities to access support and expertise to support you with your future career by building a long-term, valuable relationship with a mentor from PwC.

This scheme will be of particular benefit to BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) students wishing to increase confidence and knowledge around graduate employment.  

What to expect?
A mentor is a ‘trusted adviser or guide’ who has useful experience that they can share with someone less experienced and skilled in a particular area.

This scheme will provide you with:

  • Insight into working life at PwC
  • Guidance on the application process
  • Insight into the skills needed to be successful
  • Suggestions on how to develop these skills

The mentor is not responsible for solving problems or making decisions. The mentor cannot get you the job! 

The mentoring programme lasts for 9 months and mentors and mentees are expected to be in contact on a fortnightly basis. 

How do I become a mentee?
If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please fill out the following application form here by Friday 22nd February.

If you have any questions about the scheme please contact

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