Date published: December 06, 2018

URGENT: Be Aware - Phishing Email Attacks!

A message from Digital IT

For the last 48 hours, the university has been experiencing sophisticated phishing email attacks designed to capture user login credentials.   

Due to these phishing email attacks, we have disabled a small number of student accounts that have been impacted.  

If you can no longer access your account, you are advised to contact the University of Salford, Digital IT Service Desk on 0161 295 2444.

What you need to look out for

  • You have received an email from a contact in your address book  
  • When you open the email, there is a ‘display message’ asking you to click and follow a link. (Do not click on the link)
  • If you have clicked on the link and you are likely to be presented with a genuine looking website (BBC, University of Salford etc.) informing you of a special offer, free prize etc (example: free bitcoins). Clicking on this will ask you to login with your username or password.  DO NOT ENTER YOUR CREDENTIALS – this will give the attacker access to your email account, including access to your address book in contacts.  

Please be vigilant in emails you receive and if you have clicked on a suspicious link, please contact the Digital IT Service Desk immediately on 52444 (external: 0161 295 4444).

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