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Date published: November 22, 2017

The key to exam preparation and revision

January may seem a while off yet however planning your revision, practising different study techniques, looking after yourself and getting into a study habit now will all help boost you to be at your exam ready best.

This week there is one presentation for you covering:

  • Ideas for breaking down the task of revision into manageable parts
  • Downloading and creating your own revision timetable to help you structure what you need to do
  • Tips for staying motivated with your revision
  • Preparing for different types of exams, including exam techniques and using past exam papers
  • Useful apps you can use along the way

1. Look at the presentation below

2. Check when your exams are; these have been emailed to your University email account

3. Start to plan your exam preparation timetable and tasks

4. Set aside time in your week for revision or set up a study group with a clear purpose 

Check out #SalfordSmart for all your study tips.

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