Date published: March 12, 2018

The Beauty of International Diversity at Salford

One World Week is a week-long celebration of different cultures.

As part of One World Week, we've asked some of our students to write us a guest blog post about where they’re from, their culture and their experiences at Salford.

Today we're featuring a blog post from Gladys, a student from Cameroon.

My name is Gladys Ngadjui, I am studying Accounting and Finance at postgraduate level. I come proudly from Cameroon, Africa - a bilingual country with distinctive societal values, culture and religious customs. Cameroon itself can be broken up into three main regions, each with its own culture, lifestyle and political traditions.

Moving to the UK has been a complete lifestyle change with its own emotional peaks and troughs. After arriving and settling into my accommodation, I felt this sense of longing for home. I worried about establishing myself at the University, as well as in wider British society. I worried in particular about the racial discrimination I’d heard about back home. Scared and excited on my first day at university, I found myself in a welcoming environment, with the staff and lecturers being a specific highlight.

Right after my induction week, I made friends and together we explored the sights of Salford town and the Media City campus. Once I was comfortable with the area, I found that being engaged in my studies came easy - and I eventually became a student ambassador. Over time, the role itself has inspired my self-confidence, proactivity and improved my knowledge of the university in a more human capacity. 

My main challenge as an international student is coming to grips with a different education system.

The staff have been supportive of my situation and, with their help, I have been able to adapt to the different learning resources and systems available here. If there’s been a question I need answering, or a library I need to navigate, there’s been someone who is happy to help.

Thanks to the university, I benefit from the international scholarship program and will be graduating with an additional certificate. I feel the University of Salford is unique, in no small part because of its international diversity. The University has played a large role in helping me enjoy my stay here in Salford, with welfare, immigration, career services, societies and social events all helping me settle in.

Being here is life changing. I have been able to leave my home, discover an unfamiliar world, have new experiences, make friends, and engage myself in the community by volunteering and attending motivational seminars. As an international student, I can assuredly say that Salford is a city of opportunity, social change and diversity.

I want to express my gratitude to the staff, lecturers and students that have given me such a warm welcome and made me feel at home away from home. This is a place I am proud of, and the people here have put a great deal of effort (I’m looking at you askUS) into making students like me feel comfortable and considered during our time here.

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