Date published: January 29, 2019

Talk by Iman Atta from TellMAMA: Gendered Anti-Muslim Hatred

As part of Hate Crime Awareness week, we will be hosting a talk by Iman Atta OBE about Gendered anti-Muslim Hatred. Iman is the Director of Tell MAMA., with experience as a human rights campaigner in the Middle East and in the United Kingdom.

TELL MAMA supports victims of anti-Muslim hate and is a public service which also measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents. As a third party hate incident reporting service for Muslims, Tell MAMA’s role is to work with victims, advocate for them and gain access to justice for them. This sometimes means ensuring that perpetrators go through the criminal justice system, so that a strong message is sent to those who target Muslims for hate, to show that they will be held to account.

If you are interested in attending Imam Atta's talk then please book here.

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